Honest Beginnings

Anela A. Higgins, Founder

In 2017, Anela found her passion for consulting by working as an assistant career and college advisor at a community college in Berkeley, California. Only 19 years old and a student herself at the time, she was able to help over fifty community college students transfer to four-year universities before transferring to UC Berkeley herself as a Media Studies major.

During her time as an advisor, Anela was inspired by the bright individuals she worked with- most of whom were international, ESL, or nontraditional students. After finishing college she knew she wanted to create a business that combined her knowledge of media with her experience in relationship building and helping others reach their goals. 

Anela named the company 'Holt Media Group' after her beloved great-grandmother, “Lovey” Holt Springer. Lovey was an independent spirit who was artistic, resourceful and community-minded. She played an active role in politics and was a member of community organizations like the Hawaiian Civic Clubs of Honolulu and the Kailua Senior Citizens.

During her free time Anela likes to travel, go on walks with her husband, and search for the best iced mocha on O'ahu.  

She also serves on the Grants Committee for the Women's Fund of Hawaii, a non-profit organization that supports innovative, grassroots programs that empower women and girls statewide.