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Holistic Marketing: the new best marketing strategy

Choosing and investing in the wrong marketing strategy can cost a business a ton of money, which is why it is important to correctly determine what kind of strategy is most suitable for your company.

The holistic marketing concept thinks that all parts of a business should have the same goal. That goal involves creating a great customer experience and building a positive brand image. Additionally, by having all parts of a business share the same goal, the holistic marketing concept helps the business send the same message to all its customers.

If a business behaved one way on social media and presented themselves in ads differently, this would send a mixed message to the customers, which is something you absolutely don’t want to do.

If a business implements the holistic marketing concept correctly, it greatly contributes to four very important things:

1. Brand building

By providing top-notch customer service, the business that uses this strategy ensures that its customers are happy with the company and have nice things to say about it. They’re helping the business build their brand by telling their friends about it, and writing positive reviews and comments online.

2. Consistency

Since the goal of the holistic marketing concept is to make sure that the entirety of the business and all of its parts are sending a unified message to the customers, it helps maintain the consistency of the business, which matters a lot if you want to remain in the market. Customers aren’t very fond of changes, so consistency is everything.

3. Efficiency

The holistic marketing approach greatly helps increase the efficiency of a business since all parts of it are on the same track, therefore the communication between them is easier, which saves time.

4. Effectiveness

Creating a great customer experience and brand building are long term goals, which allows the business to focus on a few big things, instead of dozens of smaller ones, which increases the effectiveness of this strategy.

How does a business send a unified message to their customers?

There are 4 components, or marketing forms, to this process:

  • relationship marketing

  • integrated marketing

  • internal marketing

  • and socially responsible marketing

1. Relationship marketing

Since marketing is all about knowing your customers, the business that utilizes this strategy needs to know their target audience really well. This includes what they like, dislike, as well as their interests, wishes, wants and needs. Only by knowing their customers can a business establish a relationship with them and make their brand a part of their lives.

The main focus of relationship marketing isn’t selling products- it’s customer satisfaction and retention, as well as building customer loyalty, all long-term goals.

2. Integrated marketing

This strategy ensures that all marketing parts of a business work together, which includes departments and employees who deal with paid media, earned media and owned media.

  • Paid media involves marketing you pay for, such as pay-per-click marketing and influencer marketing.

  • Earned media, as the name suggests, are the things you earn from your customers, such as reviews and comments.

  • Owned media presents the media you own: like your website and social media profiles.

3. Internal marketing

Internal marketing is all about the employees as the customer’s opinion of a business isn’t influenced only by the products. It is also influenced by all the interactions they have with the business, which are mostly customer interactions.

By providing training to employees, a business ensures that they know everything they need to when a customer has a question or needs help with something.

4. Socially responsible marketing

Socially responsible marketing aims to attract customers who want to make a difference with their purchase. Think of products where a part of proceeds goes to a good cause, or products that are made responsibly.

There are 4 marketing related concepts that are involved in this specific type of marketing: social marketing, environmental marketing, cause-related marketing, as well as socially responsible buying – all concepts that are related to the environment and well-being of the society.

The holistic marketing concept is relatively new, but it has already become super popular. Its focus on good customer experience and brand building are especially appealing to businesses and its benefits of consistency, efficiency and effectiveness are a great bonus.

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